pet photography

Pet Portraits

Corporate events, reunions, pet portraits and product shoots, we do it all!

Choose a photographer who will fully commit to capturing the best photos you’ve ever had and our “Guaranteed to be Thrilled” warranty to ensure  your satisfaction.

Jean and Bill Castello, your photography team, will get the job done the way you want it done.

We’ll make suggestions you may find helpful and we’ll always bring the right tools for the job.  That means unobtrusive speedlights for events and pet portraits, diffusers and reflecters, soft boxes where appropriate and light boxes for small products – whatever it takes to do the best work.

Prices include fully edited photos – generally more than 12 per hour.  Please ask if a specific quantity is needed.  Extra digital media copies, prints, etc. are extra.


Our GUARANTEE – If you don’t love your photos, pay nothing!

If we can’t satisfy you, we’ll refund your fee and thank you for your time.  You lose nothing but time.  Nobody has ever taken us up on this offer, but at least you know you’re not risking anything.

So call now and let’s schedule your session.