Palm Harbor Portraits

Some people think they are or are not “photogenic”. But after studying the masters of portrait photography, you learn that the “photogenic” part is solely the creation of the photographer. You have either a great or “so-so” portrait, entirely due to your portrait photographer.

I’ve studied (and still study) the greats, like: Peter Hurley, Annie Leibovitz, Rory Lewis and others.

I like Peter Hurley because he is the master of bringing out the “real person” and making everyone look great.  So many portrait photographers seem to think it’s all a matter of setting up lights, backdrop and camera then just saying “Smile!”.

But no – this is just where the magic begins!  That’s why I’ve read his books and taken his courses.

Lighting, lenses, all that technical stuff needs to be instinctual so the photographer can concentrate on the subject, making our model feel comfortable in front of the camera then gently guiding them to capture the looks that they’re gonna love.

Speaking of lighting, we use natural light and speedlights, whether indoors or out. You’ll never have continuous bright lights shining in your eyes!

Our portrait sessions generally last an hour or two. We’ll take more time when situations call for it.  Bring a few clothing changes.

Our portrait session fee covers the session time plus your choice of one digital image, unless specified otherwise. Prints, other digital media, etc. are priced separately. All plans are pre-discounted for you giving us rights to use any images in the promotion of our business or for training materials, etc.  Double the rates if you prefer to have exclusive rights to your photos.

– Bill & Jean Castello


Our GUARANTEE – If you don’t love your photos, pay nothing!

If we can’t satisfy you, we’ll refund your fee and thank you for your time.  You lose nothing but time.  Nobody has ever taken us up on this offer, but at least you know you’re not risking anything.

So call now and let’s schedule your session.